Jance Customs Show Coverage Disclaimer

Thanks for viewing my show coverage! Feel free to use any of my pictures for your own personal use, profiles, portfolios, or websites etc.

The only thing that I suggest is that you leave my signature on my photos. These images have been copyrighted by JanceCustoms.com 

As a self promoted free lance photographer who travels to car shows taking pictures as a hobby for free, copywriting my pictures with my logo signatures is all I have to show for my work. I am not the best photographer and I never will be. I do this for the builders, the owners and the people that didn't get to make it to the shows.

 I spend a lot of time and money to give people something for nothing in return. All I ask is credit for the pictures that I take.

By placing my logo on my photos is a lot like networking. If people are looking at my pictures they will see my signature and go to my website looking for more pictures. When I take pictures of peoples creations, or their shop banner that is free advertising for them and people can post that all over the internet which could led to more business for the owner or shop that is in the picture, so the least anyone can do is leave my logo on it. Do you agree?

By removing my signature, I see it as disrespectful. Please do not try to alter my signatures. If you want an image without it, you can purchase any of them that you like for $2 a photo. Just send me an e-mail with a link to the photos of your choice.

Thanks for your time!


Tonneau Gate
"The World's First"
Patented "Trunk" Tonneau Cover


Currently looking for a manufacturer to team up with for mass production!



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