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Tonneau Gate
"The World's First"
Patented "Trunk" Tonneau Cover

Currently looking for a manufacturer to team up with for mass production!



Re-Inventing the Tonneau Cover
Tonneau Gate 
Patent #
All Rights Reserved.

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am looking for a manufacturer to team up with for production. Tonneau Gate & Tonneau Gate Liner are currently not availablefor individual sales. With your demand you can make it happen!The most accessible, aerodynamic, attractive, convenient, functional, theft proof and weather proof tonneau cover EVER designed for a pickup truck!First thing you need to do is have an idea that is actually going to get you somewhere. If you come up with something, that no one can use, than it's no good to anyone. Come up with something useful and something that everyone can use or will need. That's just common sense. To get started you need to have photos, drawings or a prototype of what you want to invent. After you contacted a patent lawyer, you will have a meeting and discuss your invention. If you still want to file for a patent, you pay a non-refundable fee to do a patent search. The search takes about 3-10 days. After the search is complete, you will find out if you can proceed with your idea or go back to the drawing board. Not all searches come back positive. If there is an idea close to what you have or if your idea is hazardous it can be rejected.
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Tonneau Gate is the first and ONLY tonneau cover with its shape, features and design. It has been designed to fit any truck application with a bed, regardless of dimensions, shape, make, model, or even the year of the truck.     The current prototype will give you a good example of what a production piece could look like. Since the tailgate is being lifted instead of being lowered, you gain up to two feet of loading and unloading room using Tonneau Gate. Gas mileage is also increased due to better air flow with the more aerodynamic design.
At first glance you don't notice that any modification has taken place. Since the license plate and reverse lights are located on the cover together, they really blend in with the rest of the truck giving it a factory appearance.
    The handles and keyed locks that are commonly located on top of the cover have been eliminated, giving it a smooth custom look, similar to that of a car trunk. So, how do you open the "trunk"? Simple. To open or unlock Tonneau Gate, you raise the license plate to reveal the hidden handle and locks. Another possible feature is a keyless barcode entry system, similar to what can be found on Ford vehicles.
    The handle triggers latches on the "tailgate" and releases the striker bolts. The gas struts do their job which help raise, hold, and lower the tonneau cover. After that has taken place, you now have more access to the inside of your bed than ever before!Tonneau Gate has also been designed to be the most theft proof cover ever! There is no way to gain access to the inside without unlocking it! There is no where to break in! It is impossible to open the cover if it is locked!
Tonneau Gate extends from one bed rail to the other, giving your bed full and complete coverage. A flexible weather stripping seal follows each bed rail to prevent moisture from entering the enclosure. Since the tailgate is being raised instead of being lowered, the gap between the bumper or rollpan is almost eliminated, creating a better weather-tight seal on the bottom of the tailgate.The best thing about Tonneau Gate is the fact that it requires NO MODIFICATION to your truck in order to use it. Just remove your tailgate, bolt it on and you're finished. Tonneau Gate is 100% street legal, perfect for everyday use or just for show. It is also a perfect way to cover up personal belongings or to cover your air bag setup from the weather! And if you feel you need more security, you can add an alarm system!

Tonneau Gate is being displayed on a stock pickup to show what a production model could look like. By using a stock pickup, it displays the tonneau cover better without getting lost in aftermarket accessories. This will give you, the consumer, a better idea of what it would look like on your truck... be it stock or customized. Tonneau Gate is the best way to complete your  custom Cadillac or Lincoln theme.The most accessible, aerodynamic, attractive, convenient, functional, theft   proof, weather proof  tonneau cover EVER designed for a pickup truck!