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Special Thanks!

       I just want to take this time to thank those that have helped
   me out and given me support these past few years.

    Thanks to all of the shops and businesses around Elk City that
   had part in the making of the Tonneau Gate Prototype. Special
   thanks to my dad for helping me build the prototype from the
   ground up.

  Charlie Moser of Creative Colors in Clinton, Oklahoma for
 laying the fiberglass and paint.

  Robbie of  Kutting Edge Graphix for designing both my logo
 and business cards. They fit nicely in this new designed site.

  Kyle from Chops Unlimited for the free rendering of my truck. Which is also a big part of this new design. Thanks Kyle.

To the
manufacturers that have shown interest in my inventions!


         To all my friends that have allowed me to take the time to work on my
  invention, and all my new friends that I have met attending shows, thanks for
  giving me the chance to get to know you. And to everyone that wants to
  purchase Tonneau Gate! Thanks for all your support it is greatly appreciated!

                                  To Tyson Clugy of Sayre, Oklahoma.
    From designing the website, to the Flash CD presentation to taking pictures
   for the website. We have spent countless hours working and working on   
   everything over and over again. It will all pay off in time! Thanks for all
   your hard work and effort!

       Thank you for your support!


Tonneau Gate is currently not on the market or available for individual sales. This is only a prototype.
I am looking for a manufacturer to team up with for production.

Click here to sign the petition if you are interested in purchasing Tonneau Gate!