Tonneau Gate
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Tools Needed Removed tailgateTake measurements Gas struttsGas strutts are mounted Cover is free standingPlugging in the wiring harness Testing the lightsClosing the cover Exposed handleHinged license plate bracket Installing the license plate bracketInstalled license plate bracket License plateSecuring the license plate Locking the enclosure


More style and class No unsightly handle or key hole that is visible!You can still use a bed liner! Closer access for easier loading and unloading!No more leaning over your tailgate! Don't break your back unloading items!Factory tailgate has a bigger gap! Reduced gap using Tonneau Gate

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Tonneau Gate
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     The Pro's of Tonneau Gate
* It is 100% street legal in all 50 states.
* No modification to the bed of the truck.
* A direct bolt-on. Quick and easy to install.
* Perfect for 4x4 trucks with lifted suspension.
* You can still use a bed liner, with this tonneau cover.
You can still pull a trailer, and still be able to open the cover.
* Tonneau cover "tailgate" would be lighter than a factory tailgate.
* This tonneau cover would also give you more security from theft.
* No more having to open the tonneau cover just to open the tailgate.
* Fits any size truck with a bed, regardless of dimensions, any year truck.
* If a truck already has reverse lights, more light would not be a problem.
* Molded "tailgate" gives the bed a better weather-tight seal, making it
   more water proof.
* This tonneau cover is basically impossible to steal, without access to the
   inside of the cover.
Gives your truck more style and class, almost makes it look like it came
   that way from the factory.

* 7-in-1 design. Tonneau cover, "tailgate", license plate box, tag lights,
   reverse lights, hidden handle and
keyless bar code.
* Incorporate the locks on the tonneau cover to the door locks on the inside
   of the cab or to a
keyless entry or an  alarm system.
* No unsightly chrome keyholes or bulky handle on the tonneau cover, that
   is visible. Everything is hidden under the license plate.


* More aerodynamic, using the same body features of the truck for the molded "tailgate",
could mean better gas mileage.
* The "tailgate" will not get in the way, while loading and unloading things, more access to the
     bed. Gain about two feet of access.

  * The trucks that only have Cadillac taillights and C5 Corvette taillights aren't street legal
     (no reverse lights) now they can be street legal.
  * You don't need to purchase a lock for your tailgate, or a tailgate with a license plate box and
      reverse lights, its all-in-one. More functional.

  * You can put it on a pickup truck's bed that has been turned into a pull
behind trailer and pull
      it behind your car, truck, or suv. Perfect for selling items, out of the bed of your truck.
  * Since the factory tailgate is removed, the gap between the old tailgate and bumper would be
     filled-in by the new tonneau cover. No more inch and a half gap to look at. The new tonneau
     cover would fill-in the gap making it almost touching the bumper, still making the bumper or
pan functional. This would also help in making a weather-tight
seal for the “tailgate”.
                                                 Tonneau Gate
           The World's First
                                     Patented "Trunk" Tonneau Cover

Tonneau Gate is currently not on the market or available for individual sales. This is only a prototype.
I am looking for a manufacturer to team up with for production.

Click here to sign the petition if you are interested in purchasing Tonneau Gate!